The West Kingdom Roll of Arms

Ghislaine Triest
(aka Ghislaine d'Auxerre)

Per bend azure and argent, a compass star counterchanged.

Registered: December, 1992


(Fieldless) A pantheon rampant azure semy of compass stars argent collared and chained Or.

Registered: December, 1992

Per chevron azure and vert, two compass stars argent and a bear statant contourny Or.

Registered: August, 1994 via Caid
Co-Owned w/James Andrew MacAllister

(Fieldless) A cross potent Or.

Registered: March, 2000 via Caid

(Fieldless) A pantheon's head erased azure semy of compass stars argent gorged of a pearled coronet Or.

Registered: June, 2003

(Fieldless) A polypus Or maintaining in each arm a boot sable. 2.22 West

Registered: February, 2022 West

(Fieldless) A fox rampant contourny sable marked argent ravishing a goose argent. West 2/22

Registered: February, 2022 West
for Foxrun Manor

Arms Provided by Naadirah bint 'Ali.
Badges by Khevron, and Ghislaine Triest