The West Kingdom Roll of Arms

Morgan the Falconer

Azure, a falcon displayed, belled and jessed, on a chief embattled argent three roses purpure.

Registered: October, 1993


(Fieldless) Two polar bears combattant proper, gorged of belled collars Or. [Thalarctos maritimus]

Registered: October, 1980

Sable, a cinquefoil argent overall a dragon dormant to sinister proper. Household badge

Registered: May, 1981

Azure, a bendlet gemel wavy between in bend a crescent between two mullets and in bend a mullet between two crescents, all argent.

Registered: May, 1981

(Fieldless) An enfield sejant with its tail curled beneath it azure.

Registered: July, 1981

Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov.