The West Kingdom Roll of Arms

Eva Hundsdotter

Per pall inverted azure, vert, and Or, in pale a dog couchant argent and a quatrefoil knot sable.

Registered: February, 2020


(Fieldless) On a quatrefoil knot argent a dragon couchant vert.

Registered: June, 2018

Or, three pommes each charged with a quatrefoil knot argent, a chief indented sable.

Registered: February, 2020

(Fieldless) A sea-raccoon naiant tail reflexed over its head azure marked sable.

Registered: October, 2020

(Fieldless) A dog passant regardant argent charged on the shoulder with a tassel maintained in its mouth gules.
for House of the Tassel and Cur.

Registered: August, 2022

Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov.